Meet our Pastor
Lead Pastors Luke and Stacy Morris

Luke and Stacy are a dynamic couple who have a fun, intriguing story of how they met at Southeastern University in the fall of 2000. They quickly became the best of friends,  and then God literally wrote their love story.  In the spring of 2003, they pledged their love to each other for better or for worse and life has certainly brought about many adventures for them. Their greatest adventures, or better yet, their greatest blessings are their 5 amazing children: Alex, Emma, Daniel, Ben, and Lili. 

Together, they have been in full time ministry since 2004, serving in every role imaginable. From FL, to MI, to IL, to AL to MO, they have had the privilege to serve, love and impact many generations all for Gods glory. Their passion for God, each other, their family and the church is evident to all who meet them. Their greatest joy is sharing God's love by connecting people to Christ, creating disciples and cultivating their community around them. 

For fun, Pastor Luke enjoys the outdoors immensely...bow hunting is his place to unwind, relax and bask in Gods beautiful creation. He also really enjoys fishing, motorcycles, and of course spending time with his family.  Stacy also enjoys the outdoors and would hands down rather be outside than inside. Sunshine is her thing and whether that's taking a nature walk, lounging while reading a good book while enjoying a dark chocolate treat or her favorite vacation destination, the beach, if she's outside, she's happy. Of course, spending time with her family is always at the top of her list! 

Looking for a place to connect to God with authentic, down to earth Pastors & a Church Family who simply love Jesus and sharing His love with others?? Look no further. Calvary is the place for you. 


Meet Our Children Pastors
Pastor Cory & Tiffany Harris

Pastor Cory and Tiffany Harris are a husband and wife team who will have been married 19 years as of April 2024. They have three boys, Evann, Asher, and Levi. They reside in Festus, MO, with Tiffany having grown up in the Twin Cities.  

Cory and Tiffany were raised in the church and have served in many ministerial roles. Children's Ministry and worship are their passion areas of service.   Children's ministries like Royal Ranger and Girl's Ministry had a great impact on Cory and Tiffany when they were growing up. Cory participated in Royal Rangers and earned his Gold Medal of Achievement. Tiffany was a part of Missionettes (now called Girls Ministry) and was crowned an Honor Star.  

Their love for God & Passion for Kids Ministry is Incredible! Their ministry to children is visionary, engaging, and relevant in connecting children to God, creating disciples and empowering families to cultivate the community around them. 

Cory enjoys cooking, playing music, crafts, puzzles, and shopping. He also likes hunting when he gets an opportunity.   Tiffany enjoys shopping and crafting (or making things pretty, as she likes to say). She also enjoys puzzles, games, coffee, and the beach. 

Meet Our Team

Pastor Luke Morris
  • Lead Pastor
Stacy Morris
  • Associate Pastor
Mary Bourne
  • Administrative Assistant
Cory & Tiffany Harris
  • Children's Pastors