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Good Afternoon Parents! 
Please note the following Schedule Changes: 
1st & 2nd Session Schedule Rotations have been adjusted so that all the kiddos may interact with others their same age during their devo & snack time sessions.  
Team A & Team D (7-9yr olds) 
     SH, SN, SH, D
Team G & Team J (7-9 yr olds) 
     SN, SH, D, SH
Team B & E (10-12yrs) 
     SH, D, SH, SN 
Team C & Team F (13-17 yr olds) 
     D, SH, SN, SH

**The 5 & 6 yr. olds in both sessions are now having their snack & devo. with the 7-9 yr old group. SH, SN, SH, D 

***Everyone is still on the same teams. 

Second Session Schedule Rotations: 
Team M & Team P (7-9 yr olds)
      SH, SN, SH, D
Team N & Team Q (10-12 yr olds) 
     SN, SH, D, SH
Team 0 & Team R (13-17 yr olds) 
     D, SH, SN, SH

PLEASE make sure to note the changes of their schedules. We will continue to have team rotations in paper copy available for you upon check-in. 

Thank you so much for your patience as we make adjustments to ensure everyone has the best possible experience. We appreciate you!